Lisa came into my life after two of my closest friends gave me the same article about adult ADD in women in which Lisa was interviewed. In retrospect, I’m so glad they did! At age 63 and struggling both with my memory and my career, I literally felt like I had a spider web in my head. I was overwhelmed. My sense of self-esteem was in the doghouse. Lisa opened a new world for me. She helped me to understand what was holding me back, and gave me the tools to help clear my mind and function better. I still forget words, usually can’t find my glasses, and often leave my keys in the front door, but I’m out of the doghouse and so much happier and more effective in everything I do. Bless you, Lisa!

Three years ago I studied with Lisa in her ADD Coaching course in Bar Ilan University. I learned from Lisa how to coach students, teens, parents and professional with ADHD. As a teacher, I was able to integrate the models in both my school and private settings. I appreciated her wealth of knowledge, direct teaching style, warmth and openness. Zila – 972 507 960774

A huge thanks to Lisa, who helped me with ADHD related problems of self regulation. I stopped smoking, and acquired healthy habits which have improved my efficiency and self confidence. Ayal – 972 502 3451101

A month ago Lisa was recommended to me as an expert in coaching families with ADHD. My daughter was showing signs of ADD and Lisa helped with both the diagnosis and treatment. I have been receiving guidance from Lisa in parent coaching sessions, which have significantly improved my daughter’s compliance and communication. I recommend Lisa warmly to anyone who needs parenting help. Alona 972 54 6776571

Lisa was recommended to me by satisfied clients and a number of professionals who I consulted. Lisa empowered me through the use of coaching strategies that enhanced my personal and professional fulfillment. Lisa is a dedicated coach, whose patience and empathy, combined with her practical approach to problem solving, lead me to experience success in a brief period of time. I made significant changes in thinking and behavioral patterns, while increasing productivity and well being. I highly recommend coaching with Lisa. Her vast experience and professional utilization of brain based strategies have helped me and numerous others to improve the quality of their lives. Yoav 972 54 6830713