About Lisa

I am a licensed Educational Psychologist and a Behavioral Life Coach who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of learning disabilities and ADHD. I worked as a school psychologist and special education teacher in Mental Health Centers and NIMH learning disability projects in Sacramento, Phoenix and Florida before moving to Israel in 1979.

In Israel I served in the Israeli School Psychological Services from 1979 until 1998, and began my private practice as an ADD Life Coach in 1998. As the pioneer of ADD Coaching in Israel, I have been at the forefront of the development of professional standards for the evaluation and treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder in Israel.

I specialize in supporting children teens and adults with executive function deficits at home, school and the workplace. I have developed a cognitive behavioral coaching program for parents of children with social, emotional and organizational problems. 

I supervise and mentor coaches on behalf of the Israeli coaches Association and have trained ADD coaches since 1998 under the auspices of the Israeli Department of Education, Tel Aviv University and for the last 8 years in Bar Ilan University. As a specialist in the area of learning disabilities, I strive to find practical solutions for everyday challenges faced by individuals and families with co-existing learning and behavioral conditions.