Are you struggling with a child who talks back, doesn’t listen, and/or is unmotivated?
Are you tired of explaining the same thing over and over again, yelling and threatening?

Do you feel as if your child – and not you – is “running the show” at home – and you don’t know how to get through to him and “make” him do what he should be doing?
Do you argue with your spouse about the “right” techniques to handle misbehavior?
Do you have a child with attention, learning or behavioral deficits who is not achieving his or her potential?

If would like to learn strategies to break the cycle of negativity, pare coaching can help.

Parent coaching is a short term therapy that focuses on facilita parental leadership and authority.

Parent coaching can help parents learn how to coach their own chil Coaches teach parents how to be proactive by planning responses “trigger” situations which usually lead to power struggles.

Parent Coaching teaches parents how to:

  • Believe in their child’s strengths
  • Negotiate issues with their children
  • Control anger and criticism
  • Use reinforcement and punishment appropriately
  • Enjoy quality time with their children

Parent coaching utilizes strategies such as role playing, goal setting, values clarification, behavior modification and cognitive behavioral techniques to improve communication, strengthen cooperation and improve relationships.

How does parent coaching work?

Parent coaching begins with and initial intake session to define strengths and weakness, list goals and to design the agenda: how parents and coach will work together as a team. Following the intake, there are the three stages of parent coaching:

  • Education about ADHD in the family.
  • Identifying unhelpful patterns of communication.
  • Strategizing to change behavior.

The parent coach approach offers a practical and effective solution for common problems associated with living with ADHD. During the sessions, parents are active participants in the process of designing and fulfilling their objectives as parents. The coach and parent/s work together to discover strategies to help with regulating both the child’s and parents’ reactions to situations that usually trigger loss of control.

Why is parent coaching essential in the treatment of ADHD?

Parent coaching is an integral part of treating children who have difficulty with paying attention to rules, memorizing routines, and controlling emotions.
Research has shown time and again that AD/HD and learning disabilities are best approached by brain-based strategies that work directly on executive functions – cognitive abilities that are responsible for regulating emotions and behavior. Children with AD/HD need strategies, reminders, and immediate feedback. Parent coaching process incorporates strategies for improving executive functions such as time management, organization, impulse control and emotional regulation.