The following is a list of negative communication habits, check if you or people in your family are using them:

  • Swearing or labeling.
  • Interrupting a conversation.
  • Sarcasm or cynicism.
  • Destructive criticism, bugging about the “small stuff” – finding.
  • Fault with everything.
  • Talking about the past – being a “historian”.
  • Barking orders.
  • Stopping communication altogether – “I am not speaking to you”.
  • Losing control.

10 Habits of Positive Communication

Replace the negative habits with these positive and more efficient skills

  1. Express anger in the first person: “I” am angry, upset.
  2. Speak briefly and in a neutral tine of voice.
  3. Talk about one issue at a time.
  4. Point out the positive before talking about the negative.
  5. Listen and think before reacting.
  6. Be aware of your “automatic negative thoughts”. Before you “shoot” be mindful of your negative thinking and your goals, and react according to the desired results and not as a short term fix.
  7. Learn to disagree calmly.
  8. Speak only in the present.
  9. Apologize, say “I made a mistake” – no one is perfect.
  10. When you feel like exploding, walk away, distract yourself, or wind down with breathing, EFT Tapping.
Create your plan using these lists:
  1. How am I communicating today? Which negative and positive communication patterns am I using?
  2. What can I work on?
  3. Starting when?
  4. What may sabotage my attempts? What anger triggers or negative thoughts are particularly difficult to change?
  5. How will I feel once I have succeeded?
  6. What resources may I need to help me succeed?
  7. What are my motivators for making this change?
  8. Did the plan work?
  9. If not – how can I improve the plan?
  10. If you I did succeed – way to go!!!