Are you struggling with a child who talks back, doesn’t listen, and/or is unmotivated to do anything to help himself succeed in school? Are you tired of explaining the same thing over and over again, yelling and threatening?

Do you feel as if your child – and not you – is “running the show” at home – and you don’t know how to get through to him and “make” him do what he should be doing? Do you argue with your spouse about the “right” techniques to handle misbehavior?

If you are a parent who feels that you need help with your child’s behavior problems at home or at school, you are a candidate for parent coaching.

Parent coaching is a short term therapy that focuses on facilitating parental leadership and authority. Coaching utilizes strategies such as role playing, goal setting, values clarification, behavior modification and cognitive behavioral techniques to improve communication and strengthen cooperation. Parent coaching can help parents enforce rules without arguing and shouting, by teaching them how to prioritize what they want, how to reinforce and punish effectively, and how to become coaches at home with their own children.

Parent Coaching teaches parents to:

  1. Believe in their child’s strengths.
  2. Control their anger and criticism.
  3. Use rewards more than punishments
  4. Enforce rules calmly.
  5. Know how to enjoy and appreciate their children

How does parent coaching work?
Parent coaching begins with and initial “discovery” session to define values, strengths and weakness, list possible goals and to design how parents and coach will work together as a team. During the sessions, parents are active participants in the process of designing and fulfilling their objectives as parents. Children may be invited after 2-3 initial sessions, and participate in problem solving in a “family coaching” format.

Why is parent coaching essential in the treatment of AD/HD ?
Parent coaching is an integral part of treating children who have difficulty with paying attention to rules, memorizing routines, and emotional self control. Research has shown time and again that AD/HD and learning disabilities are best approached by brain-based educational strategies that work directly on problem behaviors. Children with AD/HD need structures and reminders, rehearsal of positive behavior and immediate feedback. These strategies are incorporated into the parent coaching process.

Who am I?
I am a licensed Educational Psychologist and Senior Certified AD/HD coach with 35 years of experience working with individuals and families. I have worked both in the US and in Israel in the area of learning disabilities, as an evaluator, therapist, lecturer and coach.

How do I get started?
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