Use this coaching form to help yourself substitute bad habits with good ones.
The questions below are divided into 3 categories:

  1. Define the goal or habit you want to create.
  2. Identify your distractions and weaknesses.
  3. Plan how to overcome the negative, and achieve your goal.

1. Define your goal/s:
Which daily activity or habit would improve your personal life?
Which daily action or activity would improve your professional life?

2. Identify your saboteurs
If you know what you could be doing to help yourself, why aren’t you
doing it? What is sabotaging your success? What are your excuses?

  • External Distractions: TV, computer, telephone, shopping
  • Internal Distractions: Automatic Negative Thoughts, obsessions
  • Negative behavior patterns: perfectionism, impulsivity, procrastination)

What plan can you make to deal with each?

  • External Distractions:
  • Internal Distraction:
  • Negative Behaviors:
3. Design and Commit to a plan:
  1. What is my plan? Be specific: e.g.”I would like to speak calmly athome and at work, to my co-workers and children.”
  2. Why are these actions important, what values will I be fulfilling? e.g.honoring myself and others, positive mindset..
  3. List 5 affirmations: “ I am in control, I can be calm and relaxed, I cbadelay gratification”
  4. When will I start, and what time of the day do I choose?
  5. How will I overcome obstacles to my success?
  6. Who can help me get going or reinforce me once I am in action?
  7. How will I know that I am succeeding? What will be an objective measure of my success?

Therapy is about walking…..Coaching is about flying