Behavioral Coaching is a relationship between a coach and a client that focuses behavioral change. The goal of Behavioral Coaching is to enhance the client‘s learning around what is working and what is not working in the client‘s life, and to teach skills that will allow the client to manage his or her choices more efficiently. Behavioral Coaching integrates knowledge from psychology (behavioral, cognitive, NLP) with co-active coaching strategies.

Behavioral Coaching focuses on results. The coach and client create an awareness of what needs to change in the client‘s life, and then work on achieving those changes systematically. The overall goal of is to facilitates changes in the individual‘s life style.

Behavioral Coaching includes the following steps:

  1. Assessing and changing core values, beliefs, emotions and habits.
  2. Creating structured plans to change specific thoughts and behaviors.
  3. Creating systems for follow through, self-monitoring and feedback
  4. Maximizing time management
  5. Organizing at work and at home (piles and projects)
  6. Regulating moods
  7. Improving communication/ assertiveness
  8. Creating healthy routines