ADHD Executive Function Coaching helps people with self – regulation challenges with prioritizing and planning, initiating and maintaining focus, emotional regulation, strategic thinking, and response inhibition.

Executive Functions refer to a set of cognitive processes that help us to make decisions, and to set and reach goals. These skills include planning, organization, task initiation, focusing, self – awareness, emotional and behavioral self-regulation.

People with weak executive skills have trouble getting started on tasks that feel boring, lengthy, and overwhelming, and tend to procrastinate. After they have begun, are easily distracted. They may overreact to specific triggers, exhibiting FFF behaviors – fight, flight or freeze – without considering the consequences of their actions.

Executive Function ADHD Coaches help clients to:

  1. Identify goals and possible distractions.
  2. Develop plans to reach goals while handling distractions
  3. Refocus on goals when getting off-track
  4. Utilize motivational self-talk and positive responses to negative self-talk
  5. Communicate assertively at home, school and at work.

Who may benefit from Executive Function ADHD Coaching?

  • Adults who would like to learn how to be more productive and fulfilled.
  • Parents, who would like to improve routine management, overcome negative emotions and change family communication patterns and defiant behavior.
  • Teens or college students who are experiencing academic underachievement